'Learn More' for Acu-Clear Mask


The application of blue LED light is a documented therapy for the control of spots and pimples. Acu-clear uses powerful medical grade blue LED lights that kill the bacteria that cause spots and help to prevent future breakouts. This is the Light that Dermatologists and skin care specialists recommend to help diminish and control spots. The beauty of the Acu-clear is you can use it in the privacy of your own home, while watching TV, reading or working.

What can the Acu-clear do for you

What the experts say

In 2000, a research study conducted by Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine at Hammersmith Hospital in London concluded: "We have found that phototherapy with mixed blue-red light, probably by combining antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, is an effective means of treating acne vulgaris of mild to moderate severity, with no significant short-term adverse effects." Many other tests have followed suit. Above and beyond everything we state here, the single most important fact is what we hear over and over again from our customers, and that is, "IT WORKS!"

Teenagers and Spots

If you're a teenager, there's a pretty good chance you have some spots.

In fact 8 out of 10 teenagers today suffer from spots, so don't feel alone.

If spots are not treated correctly it can be tough on one's self-esteem. Successful treatment is based on a good skin care regimen, visits to a dermatologist or a qualified esthetician and regular use of your Acu-clear.

The key is... Use the Light. If you use it, it works.

Make it a part of your teenager's daily lifestyle!