UV Tanning Tips

If you've never used a commercial tanning bed, or just would like some tips on how to accomplish the Hautest tan in Southern Minnesota, check out our suggested tanning tips. Indoor tanning is a great way to accomplish a base tan before a vacation or maintain a great bronzed look.

1. Pre Tanning Preparation at Home

For best results your skin should be clean and exfoliated. Use one of Haute's tan extending body washes or exfoliating products, combined with a loofa. This will help to remove dead skin and increase effectiveness of tanning. Don't forget to moisturize after your shower to keep your skin hydrated- Haute carries a variety of Hempz body moisturizers that are enriched with a blends of 100% Pure Natural Hemp seed oil, powerful antioxidants, natural herbal extracts and Vitamins A, C and E to deliver anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties and provides dramatic skin hydration for all skin types.

2. Pre Tanning Preparation at the Salon

Always utilize one of Haute's indoor tanning lotions. Vital skin cells that are associated with the immune system are damaged when exposed to direct UV light for extended periods of time. Tanning products are formulated to help you acquire tanned skin while offering protection against the adverse effects of UV rays. Haute has an exclusive relationship with MR International, their formulas are the latest in tanning and skin care technology. They search the earth to find the very best combination of ingredients and formulations that will help you achieve your tanning goals and take the very best care of your skin. Use of protective eyewear is essential. The purpose of utilizing goggles is to prevent any damage to your eyes from the UV rays within the tanning bed. Haute requires all clients to use eye protection.

3. Build a Base Tan

Since everyone tans at different rates, one person may achieve their base tan in a few days, while another person will take weeks. It's best to consult with a Haute associate to recommend the amount of minutes based on your skin type. You'll then want to be consistent in your visits to Haute. You'll need to wait 24 hours in-between tans and it is not recommended to tan more than two days in a row. Utilizing an Unlimited Package is a great way to achieve your base tan at the most effective price.

4. Maintaining your Tan

One of the best tips in tanning is regular maintenance for your tan. People too often achieve their tan and then don't maintain it properly, which leads to the loss of tan. If you try to rebuild your tan too fast, it could lead to a burn. To avoid this, make sure you properly maintain your tan by visiting Haute 1 to 2 times per week. Excess tanning will not darken your tan, so just make it your objective to maintain what you have. Ask a Haute associate about our tan extending products.

5. Post Tanning Visit

Make sure you stay hydrated after tanning. Tanning can be dehydrating, so drinking water after your session is a great idea. Make sure to have a high quality moisturizer with you in your tanning room right after your tanning session is a great time to moisturize your skin. Moisturizing your skin can make your tan look healthier. Wait the recommended time in-between tanning sessions to prevent a burn. Applying a sunless tanning lotion over your tan will help you look your darkest. Sunless tanning products use a chemical that essentially darkens the outer layer of the skin. If you feel you have used to much sunless tanner, use one of Haute's “Vanish� packets which will remove the color and achieve a more natural look.